client: velcom

date: 10/01/2017-12/01/2017

velcom calendar for 2017

Every day we have to make decisions: simple and complex, immediate and long-term, important and not. Usually you can make choice based on experience and knowledge, big data and research. But sometimes you want to relax and make decision with a humorous undertone and without racking your brain. In such cases the things that are sketched in calendar velcom for 2017 will help you out.


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To create traditional New Year’s gift for corporate clients and partners of velcom company.


To develop creative and design concept of the 2017 annual calendar. To develop calendar design.


In the autumn of 2016 getbob agency developed the concept of a corporate wall calendar for leading Belarusian mobile operator – velcom company. 12 pages of the calendar is 12 real stories about decision making with the help of simple items. Dice, Chinese cookies, coins… Readers can learn how these “little things” unfluenced on corporate giants and the future of big sums of money.

The calendar contains the story about first aviators brothers Wright and founders of Hewlett-Packard, a fragment from the book “The Golden Calf” that is a classic joke, musical predictions of John Cage. Photos add new storyline to these stories modernizing its twist. For example, June page readers will learn how a modern businessman would make decisions with the help of matches if he was keen on aviation.

Flip through calendar pages and make decisions!

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