date: 03/27/2017-05/15/2017

Fitness – experiment EXPONENTA Active battle

Which of various fitness-styles help to lose some weight, create muscle definition or reduce stress? During a month six users selected by expert jury of the project were training for free upon individual program under the guidance of professional coaches, dietitian and psychologist, they tested six trend schools of physical activity.

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About the product

EXPONENTA is fermented milk products enriched with whey protein for people who lead a healthy life. Belarussian Institute of Physiology NSA provided evidence of protein product benefits in excess weight reduction and heart and vessel diseases prevention. Preclinical study has shown that EXPONENTA drinks build up muscle tissue without accumulation of subcutaneous fat and moreover reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Tasks and targets

To develop integrated PR-campaign for raising brand awareness of EXPONENTA on Belarusian market, spread a message about protein value to consumers, to form brand identity “EXPONENTA for those who practice any activity: physical or just take care of themselves”.

Target audience

Women of 25–35 years, men 25–40 years. Citizens who aim at active lifestyle.


There is a growing trend interest in sport among Belarusians in sport is growing: since 2013 the number of people who practice physical activity increased by 20%. According to Belstat data, more than half of the country’s population would like to change their lifestyle but about the third of citizens hesitate taking the first steps. However, Belarusians are among nations that seriously suffer from cardiovascular diseases and intestinal issues. Sedentary work, unbalanced diet and protein malnutrition particularly caused by lack of time for healthy snack are among major reasons. Protein product line EXPONENTA serves to supply protein deficit and to balance the diet of Belarusians.


Today there are so many kinds of fitness and physical activities and each has something interesting. So which one to try? Where to start? How to lose weight and get rid of stress? Which style can help to create muscle definition? We decided to create fitness experiment in which six volunteers tested six trend fitness styles and found out what helps to lose weight at the earliest: running or EMS-fitness? And to build up muscle tissue: fitness center or crossfit? What kinds of fitness easily reduce stress and a nervous strain: TRX-yoga or boxing?

Project structure

Stage I – project participants selection on the website.


Stage II – participantsʼ trainings, betting on winners on the site.


Stage III – close event, awarding the winners.


Intentionally the logo with the picture of stopwatch as a symbol of time limitation for achieving goals and results was created for the project. The logo colors expressed three aims: weight loss, creation of muscle definition and stress release.

Stage 1. Project participants selection

The section “Contest” was launched for holding the contest on the current website Users could leave an application provided with an essay with detailed description of the reasons why they want to be the part of the project. Six of the most motivated testees for the fitness experiment were selected by expert jury which included dietitian Olga Avchinnikova, fitness gospeller Timofei Lipsky, psychologist Sergei Shlapak, fitness-guru Pavel Arakelyan. The project attracted about 1900 people: almost every second person (48%) showed his willingness to work on muscle definition, 38% of applicants – to reduce excess weight, and 13% –to be free of stress. Among selected participants were chief accountant, psychologist, and designer, lead mechanic and IT systems administrator.

Stage 2. Trainings and voting

The second stage of the project included the month of hard trainings, learning of healthy food basis and participants’ diet correction. Opinion leaders also decided to achieve desired goals together with the participants: the singer and radio presenter Anna Shaliutina, photographer Ivan Letohin, sport bar joint owner Maksim Startsev, confectioner Zoya Prishivalko, singer Anna Zhdanova, and editor of fashion magazine Anastasia Karasiova.

Measurements “before” and “after” were conducted to find out accurate results of each participant. Biochemical and hormonal blood tests, bioimpedansometry test, measurements of weight and body curves, following the meal plan, psychological test for measurements of stress level served as criteria of project winners’ choice. To enhance the effect all participants switched to balanced diet under the guidance of dietitian Olga Avchinnikova. Individual meal plan was developed for each testee. EXPONENTA Active products were included in the diet to get necessary balanced amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

The second stage of the project was announced on the site users could place stake on which kind of physical activity would win during achievement of each desired goal–weight loss, creation of muscle definition and stress release, – and take part in prize drawing.

Stage 3. Final and awarding the winners

Press conference where journalists, opinion leaders, coaches, project participants were invited was organized to announce the results and winners of the fitness experiment. Brand ambassadors of EXPONENTA – chief technologist of EXPONENTA Mikhail Glushakov, head of marketing department Olga Zotova – reported about the problems of healthy lifestyle market in Belarus, announced the results of preclinical study of Physiology Institute of Belarus NSA, answered the questions of guests and journalists. During the event cocktails based on the products of EXPONENTA were offered to guests and healthy lifestyle buffet reception was organized at the end of the event.


In support of the project publications about fitness- battle process were placed on the platforms such as,,, and others. Also an advertising campaign was launched via social media to form coverage and get project content involvement.

Every week partners and participants of the project were invited on TV channel “Belarus 1” to the program “Good morning, Belarus” to report about process of the experiment EXPONENTA Active Battle.

Project results

Balanced diet including drink EXPONENTA in menu has had positive impact on participants’ appearance and state of health, it has decreased total cholesterol and low density lipids markers , and as a result the risk of heart and vessel diseases has decreased. Moreover, fat has left, skeletal muscle mass increased. All the participants who came to the project desiring to reduce stress obtained notable results. Thus, depression level on average decreased by 60%, anxiety – by 40%, psychophysical tension – by 30%. The volunteers became more self-assured, their self-satisfaction increased, some participants of the project, who were newcomers in healthy lifestyle continued trainings after its finale.



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