client: Nestle

date: 04/01/2015-12/01/2015

1000 days of a miracle

How can young mothers get useful information about health easily and become involved in that? On the the most popular parent resource in Belarus a unique online project was launched for Nestle company. There you could learn how child nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life affects future health in a simple and entertaining way.


Online Promotions


Project aim

To tell the target audience how the child nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life affects future health.


To improve the level of education of parents in matters of proper children nutrition and organisation of mothers’ nutrition during pregnancy and lactation.

Target audience

Both young and experienced mothers; pregnant women and those who are only planning pregnancy.

Creative idea

To deliver complex scientific material in the form of fascinating games “1000 days of a miracle”.

We all want our children to live a long and happy life and have a strong health. But not everyone knows that the foundation of human health is laid in the first 1000 days of life, including 9 months of intrauterine development. And understanding of the significance of this period helps each of us get the opportunity to create solid basis for a healthy future for their children.

Today there is a lot of different information that provides answers to questions about how to raise healthy kids, but often it is served in a overcomplicated form. The “1000 days of a miracle” project of “Nestle” company is a fun game, through which you can learn not only about the impact of nutrition on mother and child health, but also other useful information.

Popular portal has been elected as a main platform of the project.

In the online game “1000 days of a miracle” participants are invited to take part in sequential stages of a child’s life, beginning with pregnancy and up to 2 years, raise their virtual baby and earn not only points but also a rewarding experience.

“1000 days of a miracle” consists of 5 sections: “About the game”, “Game”, “Articles”, “Experts” and the link to the forum.

The section “Game” contains all 4 stages of the game. The task is to get the maximum points at each stage and take part in the prize draw: gift cards from stores “Buslik”. Stages can be repassed in order to improve the results.


Mediapromotion included banner campaign, comprehensive branding, search advertising, articles and TGB.

Interactive and static banners were placed on platforms with the target audience:,,,, and

Static banner was based on important issues related to nutrition and care of the kids in their early years.


The project was launched in 2 phases – April-May and November-December 2015.

During this period, about 50 000 unique users have already tried themselves in the role of virtual parents and increased their level of education thanks to “1000 days of a miracle” game by “Nestle”. Over 40% of users came back to the game to continue it or play again. The core participants were women 25–34 years, the second place took the audience of 18–24 years old. The average time spent on the game was almost 6 minutes.

We are confident that the main objective of the project — to guide young parents how to protect their baby from the very first days of the life – is successfully achieved!

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